How To Remove Blackness Of Elbow , Knee, And Other parts

Skincare Routine (part 3) :

         Today’s topic is How to remove the  Blackness of Elbow And Knee.

Dark knees and elbow sometimes embarrassed us in front of people. So many of us avoiding our favorite dresses because of the dark skin of our elbows and knees.  A bunch of dead skin cells, extensive exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance, and friction become the excuse of the dark skin of elbows and knees. These are common circumstances, the darkness of knees and also isn’t bad but also we solve these problems with some home remedies.

Home Remedies for dark Skin :

There are so many remedies I’m sharing some of these :

Baking Soda :

                 Baking soda is an all-time excellent use! Baking soda also uses in so many home remedies it also reduces the acne scars, dark spots, and much more, whenever mix it with milk it comes with a beneficial effect of skin dark to light and the cleanser for the skin more effectively. It removes all the fade skin from the body and gives lightening skin and moisturizer.

Ingredient :

  • Soda 1-tbsp
  • Milk 1-tbsp

Method :

           Mix it well and then apply on your dark knees, elbows, and other dark parts of your body. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it.

Potatao :

               The potato we usually use in making fries, potato carries an enzyme called ‘ catecholase “ which excellent to do dark spots into lighter. Potato is full of natural bleaching which marvelous effectively works on hyperpigmentation and blemishes for the skin. Potato also anti-aging and smoothly exfoliate your skin. It also removes the stains of skin.

Ingredient :

  • 1 Potato 
  • Mash or Grinder

Method :

Cut a slice of potato Rub it on your effective parts for 10-15 mins or make a pulp of potato and leave it on your hands for 20 min, after wash it will give lighter.

Note: Use it thrice in a week.

Lemon :

                 Lemon is an Antioxidant which contains vitamin C in the frame of acid, ascorbic, the antioxidant helps your damaged skin. It does an excellent job throw out the pigmentation except for irritation. It also protects your skin from the sun. It easily helps you naturally without treatments. Lemon reduces acne, dark spots and much effectively works in skincare

Ingredient :

  • Lemon
  • Sugar

Method :

Cut a half lemon and sprinkle the sugar on it and rub it on your dark parts at least 15 mins in a circulation way scrub it and after wash, you’ll get instant result. 

Alovera :

Alovera works multitasking for skin and it helps to repair skin from sunburn, anti-aging, inflammation, lighten the pigmentation of the skin, improves dark spot, and so on.

 Ingredients :

  • Alovera Gel
  • Yogurt 1-tbsp
  • Pinch of turmeric

Method :

Take a fresh aloe vera and separate the gel And take a bowl add a pinch of turmeric, and yogurt mix it well until it comes in a paste then apply it on your elbow, knees, and other dark parts. It reduces the dark skin of the body and gives glow and

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