Say Goodbye To Yellow and Stain Teeth

Who doesn’t love to smile? but so many times we shy to smile in front of people because of the dullness and stain in our teeth. We feel embarrassed in front of people to smile or laugh. Sometimes it is hard to control a smile or laugh when we are at a party and with friends and then we remind ourselves about the stain and yellowness in our teeth. No one loves yellow teeth.  When the color of enamel starts yellow with a stain of food. We all brush our teeth daily but can’t get rit of stain or dullness.

Reasons of  Stain Teeth :

As well there are multiple reasons for yellow teeth of drinking or eating that kind of food like

  • Regular Drinking Cola
  • Regular drinking of Tea / Coffee
  • Poor dental of hygiene

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth Or Stainless Teeth :

So here I will tell you How to replace your yellow teeths with  white teeths.

So many hacks of teeth whitening without damging or highly treatments.

Baking soda is multitasking ingredients and known as removing the surface stain,, its hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, good for skin as well as it works for teeth to remove the yellowness and lighter the stain.

Method :

  half tbsp Of water and a Half a spoon of baking soda, mix and make a paste of them and apply on your teeth for 30 seconds with soft brush. Then after wash, you’ll feel the difference.

Note: But use it only once in a week.

Step 2 :

Tumeric is common ingredient which we use for color but we all don’t know that it is a magic ingredient for oral health and for teeth, Yes it removes the dullness rapidly without leaving its own color.

Method :

Use a small bowl and your hand in which you feel easy to apply, pick your wet toothbrush and dip in turmeric and apply it on your teeth with a circular motion and leave it for 2 minutes after wash use your regular toothbrush with a toothbrush and rinse off, you’ll get an amazing result.

Step 3 :

Banana eating benefits are enormous and for teeth it’s marvelous. Peel off the banana and eating nut don’t throw the peel in the dustbin. Rub the peel on your teeth for 30 seconds and then wash off.


You can use it on daily basis for rapid result.

Step 4

Who don’t love strawberries ?

Yes, we all love this berry but strawberries are rich in mellic acid for teeth whitening and get rid of stain and yellowness rapidly.

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